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ZULU Trade Jahresrückblick 2011

Published on 29/01/2012 By admin

Bei ZULU TRade handelt es sich um einen Expert Advisior ähnlich dem Copy Trader System von etoro. Sie haben die Möglichkeit aus hunderten von Tradern auszuwählen und diese dann mit Ihrem Forexkonto zu verbinden. Sobald der von Ihnen ausgewählte Trader Devisen handelt, werden die Trades in Ihr Konto übertragen. Dabei können Sie über diverse Einstellungen […]

Forex Outlook – Interview mit John Kicklighter, Currency Strategist bei DailyFX.com

Published on 11/06/2010 By admin

IBTimes konnte diese Woche ein Interview mit John Kicklighter, Currency Strategist bei DailyFX.com durchführen. Was ist Ihre Vorhersage für den Goldpreis im laufenden Jahr und nächstes Jahr? IBTimesFX.com RSS Feed – Most Popluar

SpotEuro Forex Daily Outlook June 8, 2010

Published on 08/06/2010 By admin

Without any economic data, the euro relaxed today as the dollar continued gaining ground against the commodity pairs while losing to the Yen. The stock market continued falling and we expect the same over the next few weeks with possible retracements along the way. We are now predicting the Yen will continue strengthening and we’re […]

SpotEuro Forex Daily Outlook June 7, 2010

Published on 07/06/2010 By admin

With Non-Farm Payrolls behind us and a fresh USD rally on the way, we’re looking forward to a busy economic release schedule. We’re expecting the dollar to continue its rally, first to the 1.18 level, then possibly as low as 1.15. We’re also paying close attention to Central Banks possibly intervening in the market if […]

SpotEuro Forex Daily Outlook June 4, 2010

Published on 06/06/2010 By admin

The dollar was mixed ahead of the US unemployment report, gaining ground mostly against the euro. Currently trading near the low of last week’s range, we’re going to be happy if that support level isn’t broken until the employment figures are released. If support between 1.2130/1.2150 is broken, it will make the price action more […]

SpotEuro Forex Daily Outlook June 2, 2010

Published on 02/06/2010 By admin

We continue to see volatility as expected. We’re focusing on a big surprise out of the Eurozone over the next 24-48 hours. We’re not sure what will happen but we are expecting big moves on further thoughts that Greece will have to exit the EMU. We think it will be best for the rest of […]

SpotEuro Forex Daily Outlook June 1, 2010

Published on 01/06/2010 By admin

As expected, we saw low volume yesterday, though the euro, strangely, was the one with least volatility. The GBP/USD pair may be attempting a run higher, now that a break above 1.45 is clear; next resistance is at 1.4550. We think UK Manufacturing PMI may give the sterling a boost, due out in a few […]